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We utilize a custom rapid application software development methodology derived from aspects of Agile and Extreme Programming. This methodology provides a unique focus on establishing your success criteria early in the project timeline. This criteria is used directly to build functional tests to ensure that all development meets your expectations throughout the project while functionality is incrementally delivered. This reduces re-work and misaligned goals common in other methodologies. And project progress is quantitative and reported in an automated fashion against pre-agreed benchmarks throughout project development. Customer acceptance is assured throughout development and end-of-project surprises are eliminated.

We are committed to the use of XML and industry standard schemas to provide for business document exchange. This ensures that interfaces with your business partners are transparent, flexible, and compatible with other potential partners providing like services. This allows you to maintain relationships with partners that add value to your business and revise relationships that don't; without risking your supply chain and having to endure excess technical costs to alter those relationships.

We prefer to use open source software, when available and acceptable to our clients, to accelerate project development and increase the quality of the final deliverable. We are mindful of the added development and on-going maintenance costs of proprietary software in your enterprise. So we focus your project expenses on building your business expertise into our deliverables and rely on cost effective open source solutions for the infrastructure components common to other projects and industries.

We encourage the use of Business Rule Management Systems to centralize and verbalize the rules of your business processes. Using this facility removes the 'magic' for your non-developer subject matter experts and allows them to visualize the implementation used to automate your processes. A BRMS allows your business rules to be rapidly changed to met the most demanding challenges without having to re-work huge portions code, which would otherwise be costly and time consuming to alter and test. Business rule implementations are self-documenting and alignment with the desired process assured.

We recommend Service Oriented Architectures to provide the highest level of functional reuse in your custom development. The use of service architectures allows you to utilize custom business functionality through a variety of platforms, processes, and clients; including emerging wireless and portable platforms. This allows you to choose infrastructure components that are most cost effective and meets your business goals rather than allowing your systems architecture or proprietary application components to dictate your infrastructure.

Our corporate strategy is not to load up your organization with our consultants. Nor do we rely on indefinite interdependence. We define our success by completing your project as quickly and as efficiently as possible, and by providing deliverables in a self-sustainable way when our client has successfully reached their goals. Our business succeeds by repeating this methodology on project after project, for client after client.

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